Bill Whyte is proposing to form a four place syndicate (approx. £15,000 each) around a new two seat Gyrocopter. He did his PPL G training at Perth in a MTO Sport. Included below is information about the MTO Sport, but other Gyrocopters are available. Anyone interested in finding out more please contact Bill Whyte.


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Mobile 07919390444.


The MTO Sport features:

Tandem two-seat design

Stainless steel airframe

High-tech composite bodywork & horizontal stabiliser

100hp Rotax 912ULS engine or 115hp Rotax 914UL

Superb quality factory build and finish

High performance aluminium rotor system  8.4m  diameter

70-litre fuel capacity

Pneumatically adjustable in-flight trim

Pneumatic pre rotator, taking the rotors up to 90% of flight speed

Pneumatic rotor brake

Optional radio, transponder and GPS units

Nose luggage locker

Luggage compartments

Optional variable pitch, and/or constant speed Woodcomp propeller

Disk brakes on the main wheels with lockable parking brake

Useful load of up to 250kg

Quiet - meets strict German noise regulations

Good looks (and great colours!)