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clubhouseClubhouse The clubhouse was constructed in 1994 largely with the aid of Lottery Funding. It has a comfortable club room area with wood burning stove, kitchen facilities, and toilet washroom. In addition to coffee and tea making facilities that are always available in the clubhouse, soft drinks and snacks can also be purchased.







Hangarage The club hangar was constructed in 1994 to accommodate a total of 15 de-rigged aircraft, plus one extra section allocated to bagged wings.  Due to increased demand for hangarage for light aircraft the hangar was extended in 2014.  The hangar now has 16 allocated spaces for a combination of semi de-rigged flexwings, 3-axis microlights, light aircraft, gyrocopters and aircraft storage.  Pilots wishing to purchase or rent a club space, must first become a GMFC member and have their name put on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, there is currently no temporary hangarage for visiting pilots.