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The Grampian Microlight & Flying Club (GMFC) was founded in 1985. At present, the Club consists of 45 members; flex-wing, 3-axis microlight and light aircraft pilots. The Club is for anyone interested in light sport aviation.

There is no flying instruction at the club, however, the Club does have numerous experienced pilots to offer advice to anyone thinking of taking up the sport, or to low airtime pilots.

Club Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm, in the clubhouse at Insch Airfield. If interested in joining the Club, please feel free to attend one of our meetings. Alternatively, contact the Secretary for a GMFC Application Form (see Contact Us). The subscription fee is £35 per annum for an individual member or £55 per annum for family membership.

The Club holds informal BBQs and fly-outs to other airfields during the Spring and Summer months. Hospitality is given to all visiting pilots, individual pilots, microlight group fly-ins, Round Britain Microlight Rally pilots, and notably Brian Milton. In 1998, bad weather forced Brian Milton to divert to Insch Airfield on the final leg of his historic flight, the first circumnavigation of the world by microlight aircraft.